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Our Mission

“To promote the educational, cultural and civic welfare of the Town of Fairhaven by preserving its historical heritage by the preservation of historical structures and by encouraging renewed interest in Fairhaven history and culture: To promote historical research: To collect educational documents and relics and to provide for their proper custody.”

Our Story

For over 50 years, the Fairhaven Historical Society has been at the forefront of preserving the legacy of our community. We are committed to researching and preserving historically important sites, monuments, documents and artifacts and sharing the information with everyone interested in our area’s past. Our goal is to ensure that the history and traditions of Fairhaven are made accessible and celebrated for generations to come. Come visit us at our museum and step back in time to explore the rich history of our community!

The Board of Directors

 Enrique Goytizolo, President

Nancy Perry, Secretary

Debbie Davis, Treasurer

Mark Badwey

MaryAnn Krane

Beth Luey

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